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Empowering Communities with Affordable Solar Energy

Bringing Green Energy Solutions to Those Who Need It Most

Join Us in Creating a Sustainable Future




Founded in 2013 by Greater Bergen Community Action (GBCA), Cap Solar is dedicated to transforming the energy landscape for non-profit organizations and low-income communities. Our mission is to provide accessible and affordable solar energy solutions, ensuring that everyone benefits from the green energy revolution.


We are committed to empowering low-income and non-profit sectors through sustainable energy solutions. With over 50 years of community service, we deliver significant savings and advance community missions.

Core Values:


  • Community Focus: Prioritizing the needs of the most vulnerable.-

  • Innovation: Leveraging cutting-edge solutions for maximum impact.

  • Sustainability: Promoting long-term, eco-friendly energy use.


Project Submission

If you have any projects that will help serve the community, please let us know about them. 

We are a non-profit whose parent company has served the low-income community for over 55 years.  We understand for-and non-profit business and  the shrinking dollars to our missions, and rising costs of commodities such as electricity.


At Cap Solar, our goal is to get the lowest cost of power to those who need it the most.

Main Office

392 Main Street

Hackensack, NJ 07601


Telephone: 201-473-4480

Contact Us

If your non-profit is interested in exploring solar energy solutions and reducing costs, please contact us. | 201-473-4480

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